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Cascade Beam Converters (CBC) represent a new, recently developed family of beam splitting and beam homogenizing devices. The main feature of the cascade beam converters is their very high efficiency, up to 98.5%, and respectively very low energy losses of the conversion process.

The converters are aimed for various functionalities:
beam splitting combined with homogenizing of beam intensity profile homogenizing of the intensity/energy profile of the entire beam cross-section conditioning of beam intensity profile.

The cascade beam converters (CBC) can be employed at different application conditions. They are capable of operation either at reflection, transmission or combined modes. For instance, they can fulfill a function of 45° homogenizing mirror with only 1.5% intensity loss.

Further advantages of CBC are

- stable performance at temperature variations within the range of 15-35°C,
- negligible influence introduced by CBC to the beam divergence
- small dimensions and low weight

Operation modes of CBC of different types:

More information and specification examples:

Homogenizing Mirror (CBC-MH) * (pdf file 118 kB)

Assemblies of short and long axis homogenizers * (pdf file 34 kB


Components and accessories

  • Homogenizers of laser beam:            

                          - 3 types according to wavelengths               

                         - each type in 3 aperture types: 0,5“, 1“ und 2“-Optik

  • Homogenizing beam splitter                

                          - 0,5“, 1“ and 2“-optics

  • Converters for intensity profiling
  • 3D-adjustable precise stages / fixtures for CBC                 
                           - 0,5“, 1“ und 2“-Optik
  • Holder/stage for CBC 2-axis assemblies
  • 3D-adjustable CBC holder with automatic control

* original OLS products