Optical Layer Systems Delta GbR

Cascade Beam Converters (CBC)* represent a new, recently developed family of beam splitting and beam homogenizing devices. The main feature of the cascade beam converters is their very high efficiency, up to 98.5%, and respectively very low energy losses of the conversion process.


2D-Scanning Mirror

  • 45° incidence angle  
  • 48mm clear aperture  
  • ± 2° scanning range  
  • 0.05° angular resolution  
  • 34°/sec scanning speed  
  • 2D-Home Positioner  
  • 45° reflection mirror for pre-determined wavelength from the range between 240nm and 10µm  
  • Programmable digital controller with program memory (pdf file 135 kB)

To see specification of 2'' scanning mirror SCM3.2.248 click here (pdf file 48 kB)

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 * original OLS products