Optical Layer Systems Delta GbR

Choppers / Shutters
for high power beams    

Fast chopper* aimed for operation

with high power laser beams

aperture:                      min 5mm x 10mm
operation time:             < 8 ms
wavelengths:                248 nm, 308 nm
damage threshold:        > 2 J/cm2
                                      at 20 ns-laser
                                      pulse, 248 nm
power of laser beam:     < 30W 
                                       in continuous 

ambient temperature:     15 - 30°C

Chopper contains an internal home positioner.

Actual modification of beam chopper can be fully controlled by the SCM/laser controller/driver Controller CT02A

Beam chopper is equipped with a holder for adjustable fixing at the base plate.

Field Aperture Diaphragm (FAD)
for high power beams

Fine-adjustable diaphragm* provided with

heat exchanger and adjustable mount
aperture:                            (3…10)mm x (3…10)mm,
                                            adjustable with
                                            4 micrometer screws

linear resolution:               0.04 mm

wavelengths:                     from 248  to 1200 nm

beam power
absorbed by FAD:             15 W max.

ambient temperature:      15 - 30°C

FAD is provided with an adjustable holder which allows 2D positioning on optical rail.

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* original OLS products